Content marketing, meet guest experience.

Leverage rich content to attract guests to your hotel and improve the guest experience.

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Location is the main purchase driver for guests, so why does every hotel's local area page look like this?

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Web development is expensive

Unlike the rest of your website that's marketing your property, this section should be constantly changing.

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Quality content is time consuming

It would be nice if your hotel could have a fully dedicated creative and content team...but let's be real.

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Accuracy & freshness is hard

Even if your web developers could build out rich content for your site, who's going to keep it fresh and make sure its accurate.

Go from boring, to brand.

Our turnkey solution turns your local area page into an experience for prospects and guests.

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Tools to tell your brand story.

The #1 driver of purchase decisions for guests is location. CityKey hotels get access to rich content and tools to leverage their greatest asset to attract guests and improve the guest experience.

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1-click access to rich content

Save time by getting access to rich content to market your location.

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Create without coding

Save money with tools built for marketers and managers to easily make changes without relying on expensive developers.

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Tools to leverage your content

Use our rich content across channels to simplify your content marketing.

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"At its highest level, content marketing is storytelling that informs, entertains, solves problems and gives information that adds value."
David Beebe
VP Global Content, Marriott
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"Keeping up with technological advancements is a constant challenge to Concierges today. How to incorporate the latest innovations into our work without losing the human touch, which is our hallmark, is also a challenge."
Elaine Oksner
President, Les Clefs D'Or, USA
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"Hotels can’t afford not to create effective content because your prospective guests will go the hotel down the street who is telling a better story, educating consumers on the topics they care about and developing better relationships."
Darlene Rondeau
VP Online Merchandising, Leonardo Research
City Guide Website Plugin

CityKey enables your hotel to deliver industry leading branded content for a fraction of the cost. We do that by giving you 1-click access to rich content through our drag-n-drop interface that's built for marketers, managers, and concierges. Easily make changes without relying on expensive developers.

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Personalized Pre-Stay

Every touch point with guests is an opportunity to surprise and delight. CityKey gives concierge or marketers the ability easily build and send engaging personalized pre-stay emails with rich content from your city guide. Get guests excited for their upcoming trip and set the tone for a positive arrival.

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Guest Trip Planner

Say goodbye to your old local area tab, and hello to an engaging social network for your guests to plan their trip and share their journey. Simplify trip planning as you set the tone for an amazing trip while gaining rich insights about their preferences.

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Monthly Pricing That Starts at Less than 2 Room Nights

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Custom city guide
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Guest trip planner
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Pre-stay emails
Website live chat
Hotel branding
Custom city guide
Unlimited content
Guest trip planner
Drag-n-drop staff editor
Pre-stay emails
Auto-replies for live chat
Managed content
Guest insights dashboard
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Are you ready to start leveraging your greatest asset?

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API for Brands

Increase engagement with your loyalty app and property websites by getting your developers access to CityKey's rich content and functionality. Build engaging experiences directly into your digital properties and even use trip planning behavior to more effectively segment your loyalty base.

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API for Digital Agencies

Leverage CityKey's content and functionality to develop richer experiences for your hotel partners' websites and marketing emails. Increase time on site, click throughs, and brand engagement with interactive content for guests. Apply now to become a partner and learn more about our API.

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