Use Local Experiences to Sell More Room Nights

A platform like Airbnb Experiences, built for hotel marketers and e-commerce managers.

Market your hotel with experiences, not discounts.

Partner with local businesses to create unique experiential offers that drive direct bookings and differentiate your hotel marketing.  Break through the noise with rich promotions that build intent and showcase your destination.

How will experiential campaigns supercharge your hotel marketing?

Drive Direct Bookings

If you want guests to book direct, you have to give them something they can't get on OTA's.  Increase your direct bookings with experiential packages that deliver real value to guests.

Increase Campaign CTRs

Whether you are retargeting, running a display campaign, or launching an email blast - CityKey helps you to create authentic experiential content that increases hotel marketing conversion by up to 200%. 

Simplify Operations

Packages booked through the platform are redeemed digitally with unique codes at merchant point of sale.  That means you won't have to send your busy front office staff to purchase gift cards with petty cash or make manual bookings.

Local partnerships, without the operational complexity.

Experiential offers put your marketing campaigns on steroids, but coordinating local partnerships is time consuming and operationally complex.  Use CityKey to easily partner with local businesses through seamless one-click negotiation, streamlined implementation and digital offer redemption.

Beautiful and intuitive design, without expensive CMS customization.

Hotel websites are built on content management systems meaning their special offers look more like blog posts than e-commerce products.  Adding the CityKey snippet to your website transforms your ‘special offers’ page with beautiful design and cutting edge e-commerce selling techniques such as limited quantity offers & flash sales.

Data driven recommendations, without number crunching.

CityKey syncs with your PMS booking data and website analytics to bring them under one roof.  Your reservations team will love you for making fewer custom requests and your GM will be blown away by your improved reporting, analysis and optimization.

It isn't just about selling the features of the hotel anymore, but rather telling a story. Travelers no longer make decisions solely on room discounts or breakfast packages; they want to know how a hotel will play into the total travel experience.

Gautam Lulla

President & COO, Travel Tripper

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