Our mission

Turn hotel stays into travel experiences.

Our mission is to empower today’s hoteliers to take back their rightful place as enablers of adventure and exploration in the digital age.  We help our partners turn hotel stays into travel experiences and we’re using technology to do it.  Our earliest memories of travel are sensory experiences.  We reminisce canoeing on a serene lake in Maine with our father, the rush of white water rafting down the Colorado River with our closest family friends and the taste of a juicy lobster roll on a hot summer day in Montauk.  At the center of these adventures were the enablers – the hotels that anchored these incredible journeys (and memories).  Unfortunately, in today’s world hotels are becoming increasingly commoditized by new paradigms such as OTAs, homesharing and Web 2.0 planning tools.  CityKey is here to help hotels reclaim their rightful place as the foundation of transformative experiences by facilitating partnerships in their respective communities.

Our beliefs

Experiences over things.

Hotels are major economic contributors to society but many have become islands in their communities that are symbolic of a fundamental separation between locals and “tourists”.  We are here to connect travelers into these respective locales which drives incremental value to our hotel partners, local businesses and taxpaying residents.  People save their hard earned dollars and vacation days to take sacred reprieves from their daily routines as they search for meaning through travel. They revel in joy as they experience new sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and cultures. Travel makes us happier, more interesting, and more tolerant people and we believe that’s a noble cause.  

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