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Partner directly with hotels to cut out the expensive gatekeepers

70% of local activity bookings still come through travel agents who charge commissions up to 30%.  Daily deals sites like Groupon can be even more expensive, cheapen your brand and bring in negative reviews that drive business to your competition.  Use CityKey to sell your services on hotel websites.

We facilitate partnerships, not daily deals

Quality Customers

CityKey connects you with luxury hotel clientele who wake up each morning blocks from your business to spend on meals, drinks, activities, entertainment, and transporation.

New Ways to Grow

Hotels have thousands of guests spending hundreds of dollars each day in your city.  CityKey enables you to access new luxury clientele that spend money at your business and promote you via social channels.

Zero Cost Marketing

Listing your business in CityKey is completely free.  Hotels build bundled packages with your products and sell them on your website bringing you revenue and awareness.

Is your business a good fit for CityKey?

We look for and approve only the best local experience providers.

Vendor Partner FAQs

How does it work?

Step 1: Apply to list your business in the marketplace and get approved within 72-hours.

Step 2: Complete your listing and get published to the marketplace.

Step 3: We’ll notify you when a hotel requests a partnership with you.

Step 4: Recieve a direct deposit every time your package is booked.

Is my business a good fit for CityKey?

The short answer is: YES.  CityKey considers all kinds of products and services.  Here’s a list of the categories and businesses that are most popular with hotel guests:

Restaurants: Pre-fixe meal experiences, tastings, meet the chef experiences, guaranteed reservations, wine flights, free appetizers, 3-course dinners

Retail: flowers, roses, chocolates, private shopping experiences, personal stylists, craft souvenirs, exclusive discounts, liquor, wine, champagne

Services: massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, spa access, haircut, hair styling, in-room treatments

Entertainment: theater tickets, comedy tickets, backstage experiences, drinks at venues, discounts

Activities: Museum entry, souvenirs, tours, attractions, skip the line passes

Nightlife: Bottle service, artist meet & greet, VIP access, skip the line passes, cocktail vouchers

How long does it take to sign up and get listed?

Listing your business with CityKey takes less than 2-minutes.  Fill out this short 1-page application with your basic business info and that’s it!

We will review your application and reach out within 72-hours to let you know when you’ve been approved and your listing is live.

How much does it cost?

CityKey is totally free for merchants! That’s right…no subscriptions, no commissions, and no required discounts.

Why is it free you ask? Always a good question money-mouth

CityKey is a platform that helps hotels build, sell, and optimize packages on their website.  By you listing your business with CityKey, it gives our hotel partners more inventory to choose from to create great packages.  Adding your listing is your contribution!

Our #1 goal is to drive our hotel customers and merchant partners profitable, pre-paid business.

How do I get paid?

We offer a variety of flexible payment solutions including: Stripe, Paypal, Square, and yep…even physical check.

What happens when a guest books a package with one of my products in it?

Here’s an example of what will happen when a guest books a package with your products and services bundled into it.

Example: Hotel has created the Hipster Package which features: 3 night stay ($600), fixie bike rentals for 2 ($30), and a tester of Dollar Beard Oil ($5).

You’re the bike rental company who has listed your product/service…

  1. Hotel adds your bike rental component to their package
  2. Package goes live on website
  3. Guest browses website and books package through hotel
  4. CityKey will notify you via email that a package with your bike rentals has been booked
  5. The hotel transfers CityKey the portion of the payment that goes to the merchant partners (in this case, bike rentals and beard oil)
  6. CityKey then transfers you payment for your items and guest details
  7. When the guest arrives, they show you proof of their purchase and they’re on their way
Do I have to offer a discount on my products?

Absolutely not! You can list your products & services at retail value if you want.

That said, the more benefit you offer to hotels, the more likely they are to bundle your items into their packages and the more likely guests are to book those packages.

We typically suggest finding an offer that meets your business goals and can also make your listing attractive to hotels.  Here are some ideas:

  • Unique Experience- This could be an off-menu secret item, a special tasting that comes with purchase of a meal, or an opportunity to meet the owner of the business.  By providing a unique experience, you create something magical for hotels and their guests to feel like insiders.
  • BOGO– Buy one get one.  This incentivizes more volume to come to your business.
  • Complimentary item– This can be something like a drink or a desssert that has low cost to you but will get customers in the door to spend more money.
  • % Discount- No required by any means, but the more you discount your items, the more valuable your packages look to the hotels’ website visitors (aka. potential customers)
How many packages can I expect to sell?

The number of packages you sell is really up to you.  Here are the core drivers for getting your items added to hotel packages:

  • Business quality and reputation: Do hotels want to recommend you to their guests?
  • Unique Offer: See Q6 for more detail, but if you offer a unique experience or perk for their guests, they are more likely to bundle your items with their hotel rooms.
  • Services Listed: Keep in mind, your best seller might not be the most attractive to create a hotel package.  We recommend listing services that are unique, guests would want to do anyways, or are PR worthy to tell a great story for the hotel.  After you list your business, a CityKey team member will reach out to help you pick the optimal items that are enticing for our hotels, and profitable for your business.

List your business, totally free.